About Us

Trading and marketing consultancy agency specialized in the promotion of Italian wine and agri-food products abroad.

We build up partnerships with people to guide their business across time, reaching new opportunities.

A network of professionals combining multiple marketing, promotion and training skills in order to:

  • Create and manage export projects
  • Organize workshop and food&wine tasting in Italy and abroad
  • Create product presentations
  • Design promotional tours



  • Gi – honesty and Justice (there is right and wrong)
  • Yu – Eroic courage (to be wisely enterprising)
  • Jin – Compassion (to be helpful)
  • Rei – Courtesy (try to be the best version of yourself)
  • Makoto – Sincerity (to say and to do are the same)
  • Meiyo – Honor (no lie lives)
  • Chugi – Duty and Loyalty (to take on your own responsability – Loyalty increase your dignity)

You could be an ordinary life Samurai with Bushido. Even remember mos maiorum